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How to clean the cap

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The cap is beautiful in appearance. It can block wind and dust and block sunlight, and it is practical. But the special shape of the hat increases the difficulty of cleaning. The problem has arisen. Today, the hat is made to order. How do you know how to clean the cap?
Cleaning tools: a cap, a brush, a basin, a little washing powder (liquid), warm water:


       1. Add a little detergent to the basin, then pour in the right amount of warm water and dissolve it with a brush.
       2. Pull the cap away and soak it in water for about 10 minutes.
       3. Take the hat out and put it on a clean washing table, and then tidy it up.
       4. Brush the inside of the hat from the inside to the outside with a brush.
       5. Brush the outside of the hat from the back.
       6. Brush the front and back of the brim.
       7. Put the hat into the basin and wash it thoroughly, then rinse and dry.
       When brushing, do not break the support inside the brim. Be careful that the cap and the brim are broken.


How would the cap be cleaned? Just say so much, I hope to help you. The Star Cap industry has been skilled in making caps for many years, and has been tirelessly exploring the cap making process, perfecting the cap shape, and accumulating a deep hat making skill. Fine science, won the praise of customers.

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