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The origin of the navy cap

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The origin of the navy cap

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The name of the modern cap, also known as "sailor cap". The styles of the countries are basically the same. It is a large cap without a tongue, an elliptical cap, and two black satin ribbons in the middle.
  The innocent cap worn by the navy soldiers. Usually white or blue, the hat is a hard ring, its appearance is black, the front is usually marked with text; the back of the brim has two black ribbons, some of which are also marked with text, and some are also printed with medals The identification tape of the sling. The front of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy's sailor caps and streamers are marked with the words “The People's Liberation Army Navy”.
  The Navy Sailor Cap is characterized by its flawlessness and two streamers. The reason for this is that it has its own reasons. The sailor wears a hat without a skull. One is to avoid the boat riding in the high-speed voyage, and the other is to avoid the inconvenience caused by the smashing of the precision equipment and the observation when using the observation instrument. The ribbon behind the sailor cap was mainly used to test the wind direction in the early days. Today, although modern meteorological equipment has been widely used, this style has remained.
Navy cap development history
At the beginning of the 19th century, the innocent sailor cap replaced the varnished sailor cap and was popular in the world's navies. The sailor cap is flawless, mainly to prevent the hat from hitting the boat when the ship is sailing at high speed and the cap is damaged when using the observation instrument; the hard ring of the sailor cap has a protective effect on the head of the sailor, so that they will not hurt the head due to sea bumps. The ribbon of the sailor cap can be used both as a wind vane and as a cap to prevent it from falling off. The origin of the sailor cap streamer was designed mainly for testing the wind direction in the early days, but there is another saying.
In 1805, the French Napoleonic army invaded the United Kingdom, and the British naval commander Nelson led the fleet to fight the French fleet and defeated the Napoleonic fleet. In the battle, General Nelson was seriously injured. When the Royal Navy was mourning for him, all the sailors were adorned with two black crepe in the hat, indicating mourning and respect. Since then, the British Navy soldier's hat has been officially affixed with two black streamers. Due to the wind measurement and decorative effects of the streamers, they are gradually emulated by the navies of various countries.
Today, the sailors' caps in the world are roughly the same, but there are some countries that are slightly different. The French sailor cap has a distinct difference, that is, the top of the sailor cap is adorned with a distinctively bright red pompom. It is said that the pompom is part of the standard sailor uniform prescribed by the French Ministry of Defense, symbolizing “a drop of blood”, meaning “to be brave, not afraid to sacrifice”. The sailor cap with a small red ball on the top is very spiritual and easy to attract attention, so it is very popular among French sailors. Speaking of red pompoms, there is a very interesting source. The wooden warships of the ancient French navy, because of the low cabin, the sailors are often hit by blood. In order to prevent the head from breaking, the sailors put a cotton yarn on the cap. Even so, there is still a broken head, blood-stained cotton yarn, turned into a red ball. After several years of evolution, the French Navy began to embellish a red pompom on the top of the sailor cap, which means “I wish you good luck and will not break the head”. Today, although the cabins of modern warships have not been in danger of breaking their heads, the red pompoms on the top of the French sailors’ caps remain. Now, the red pompoms at the top of the sailor cap have not only become the ornament of French sailor uniforms, but also become their favorite mascots and collectibles

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